Be A Little Bit Better Than What You Were Yesterday!

Never settle!

Do not settle for less than what you want!

You want a Ferrari? Go and get it!

It’s possible!

But before your mind go wild, you need to ask yourself…

Are you qualified to drive a Ferrari?

Do you have all the qualities that allow you to afford a Ferrari?

I am not talking about buying a Ferrari. You can choose to sell your home, sell everything that you have to buy a Ferrari. But what’s left after that? You’re broke! It’s just you and your stupid Ferrari. And soon, you got to sell your Ferrari…

If you believe in what I believe… Life is simple after all…

The universe is willing to help you to get what you want… As long as you are willing to pay the price.

You want a Ferrari? Then be the person that is qualified to afford one.

Focus on improving yourself a little bit everyday… Be better than what you were yesterday… Do it every single day including weekends. Because you do not want to end up like most people. Always waiting for the right time, for their luck to come, waiting if someday…someday… their life can change…

You go out and make luck comes to you! You make things happen while other people are too busy waiting!


Maybe you are thinking where should I start?

Go and start reading more books that can help you to achieve your dreams.

Start hanging out with positive people that have big dreams, that keep pushing you to be better.

Create actionable plan and make it happen.

It won’t happen over night. It won’t happen tomorrow. But it may happen the day after tomorrow.

So, keep learning and improving yourself, because it’s gonna be worth it.


A Pathway to Success

What I am about to share with you, is a concept that I learnt from an inspiring speaker, a successful entrepreneur, and a wise family man, David Tjokrorahardjo. He’s a co-founder of DTI Group (people development), a managing principal of Sovereign’s Capital Group (venture capital), and he’s also running his family owned business,  Citra Cakra Rahardja (real estate).

One of the concepts that he taught me on achieving a successful life, and not just financially, is through adding value to the life of others around you.

It can be your family, your friends, your colleagues and even your competitors.

Instead of always complaining and criticizing the people around you, start adding value to their lives. It can be as simple as sharing your knowledge about something that they are working on or just by passing the contact of your friend that can actually help them.

The example, that David told me today was his experience when he was running his jewelry business back in the New York city. At that time, David opened his store in one of the street fairs. As his business becoming more successful, many of his “neighbors” at the street fair became jealous. They often swear at him or sometimes kicked his display table. However, instead of confronting them, David chose a better way to handle it.

He started to observe his neighbors business and think about ways on how to help them. But in order to break the tension and awkwardness with his neighbors, he shared some food with them. Not long after that, his neighbors began to open up and share their frustration. They often asked David about his secret on how to attract crowds and get buyers for his product.

So, when asked, David always enjoyed sharing his “secret”. Through his action, David was actually adding values to the people around him. Some of the people that David had helped actually became his competitors. But, he’s never afraid to share his secret because he knew that he would always be the leader in his field through innovation and creativity.

Soon, without realizing it, David had became the unofficial “leader” of the whole street fair. All the sellers in the fair have become friend with David.

And it does not just end there. David continues to add value to the lives of the people around him until today. Since then, he has become more and more successful.

If you may have already noticed, what David has done, does not just make David to have more friends. He also earned the respect, trust and most importantly build a strong relationship with his friends. Now he is friend with many important people in various industries and has a strong influence in his field of work.

Therefore, through such a simple action, you can actually build a strong relationship with people around you, which in the end will bring you a step closer to become more successful in life. However, you need to remember that you got to do it sincerely and genuinely, without expecting any sorts of return from the person that you help.

At the end of the day, life isn’t just about profit and loss.

Day 14 – 100 Days of Ideas

Let’s get down to business.

131. Image to e-commerce

  • Why: Wouldn’t it be great if you can just take a photo of something that you would like to purchase and upload it to the search engine, and a few seconds later, you will be informed with the price and which e-commerce store that sells it? And then, you will also be given the pricing comparison as well as the approximate time that you will receive  the items? I think this will make shopping to become way easier. Need a last minute gift? Just take a picture and it’s done.

132. Public speaking trainer

  • Why: To become a leader requires you to have a certain level of communication skill. I believe that more and more people are becoming aware of this, and hence the demand of this training is growing. As long as you can prove the result and the difference it can make to your client, I think people would be interested in your training.

133. Fragile items delivery

  • Why: Yesterday, my brother was planning to send a vase for my mom’s birthday. However, he didn’t do it because the cost of delivering it, is almost the same price as the vase. And it was not a cheap vase too. I believe that this niche market is not yet capitalized. Delivery service provider such as JNE, they charge an expensive price for sending over fragile items. I think if you could provide a more affordable service for this segment, maybe backed by insurance, you could dominate this niche.

134. Flight for family with babies

  • Why: Many people told me that they find it annoying when there’s a crying baby during their flight. So, I think that it’s possible to create flights that’s only for family with babies. This flight should be customized to meet the needs of the family with babies. Such as diaper rooms, free diapers, baby food and even seats for babies.

135. Car spareparts 

  • Why: Earlier today, I saw people carrying car bumpers. Let’s say that you can find a dealer or car rental that can sell you cheap unusable car. I think you can deconstruct the car and take whatever parts that are working (or need small fixing) and sell those parts to people for higher price.

136. Farming consultant

  • Why: As the government is aiming towards self-sufficiency in providing food for the nation, there would be more people investing in the agriculture industry. Therefore, I would see a rise in the demand for farming consultant, especially when there’s a gap between the farmers knowledge and the latest farming technology and techniques.

137. Organic farming

  • Why: There’s a growing trend for organic food in many developed countries. As a blessed country with ample resources, we can try to start cultivating organic food and export it to developed countries.

138. Dry face wash

  • Why: We have dry shampoo in the market. But why don’t we have dry face wash. Having a sensitive skin, I have problem with pimples. The doctor told me to wash my face during the day, but it’s always tough for me since I need to work. So, I think it’s a great idea if there’s a dry face wash, whereby i just need to spray it on my face instead of washing it with water.

139. Mindfulness trainer

  • Why: Avoiding mental burn out is always a challenge for entrepreneurs. One way to fight this is through mindfulness training. I think mindfulness has become quite a buzz word lately. But not everyone really understands it, even practicing it. So as people become more aware about this, I think the demand for this is also increasing.

140. Hourly car rental

  • Why: This may be common in developed countries. For instance, application such as Flexicar in Australia is really helpful during my college life. This hourly car rental allows people to rent cars at spots near their homes, and return it when their done. It was so convenient that I did not need to buy a car. I just rent one whenever and wherever I need one. The rental time can be extended anytime using the app, except when the car is booked by someone else. Read more about how this rental system work here: Flexicar. Certainly the same exact system cannot be applied in Indonesia due to safety issues. But do you think that if you can tweak the system slightly, would it work here?

Let me know your thoughts about those 10 ideas in the comment section below. Interested in knowing more? Feel free to comment below to discuss it further.

Day 13 – 100 Days of Ideas

It’s day 13! So, what’s new here?

121. Processed seafood product

  • Why: In Indonesia we are blessed with abundance, even in our sea. However, instead of just exporting the seafood catch, you can value add the product by creating, for example, processed seafood product.

122. Cold storage facilities for rent

  • Why: In order to make such a fancy facilities to be available for the smaller businesses, you can build cold storage facilities and rent it out based on the amount of space used by the renter.

123. Scenery change office

  • Why: Office situation or scenery can highly affect the burnout rate for all the employees. That’s why, if we can change the office wallpaper based on the selected mood or scenery that the employees would like to have. I believe that this will reduce the stress amount of the employees ,which resulted in the increase of productivity.

124. Secondhand furnitures marketplace

  • Why: Selling and buying furnitures should be made easy, especially for house/apartment renters. As renters who rent an unfurnished home, they need to buy furnitures quickly and when they move out, they also need to sell the furnitures quickly. Therefore, there’s a need for a fast moving furnitures marketplace.

125. Perfume for you

  • Why: There are endless list of perfume brand and types out there. Therefore, you can build a website that will help people to choose a perfume type and brand based on the customer’s daily lives and past perfume uses. Sample can also be sent upon request to the users so that it helps them to make his/her purchase decision easier.

126. Subscription based teaching blog

  • Why: Learning is part of life. The demand to sharpen one’s knowledge has become a necessity in order to compete in such a world. Therefore, if you are specializing in something that a lot of people do and need. You can create videos and articles that can help those people to improve their skills. Subscription fee will be charged to the users.

127. On demand blood test

  • Why: The fact that you must visit a hospital or specialized medical check up place (Biomedika, Prodia), to get your blood taken and check, is taking too much time and effort. Therefore, why not simplify the steps for the customers. So, what if, when you want to get a bloodtest you can pay your check up in advance and someone will come to take your blood. The blood test result will then be sent to your email or physical address. I think this will encourage more people to get their blood checked even though they are busy.

128. Dentist truck

  • Why: Everytime you want to see a dentist, you got to visit his/her place and then the dentist will perform a check. What if, instead the dentists will come to you by opening a mobile (truck) posts for those who would like to check their teeth but has no time.

129. Instant coffee to go

  • Why: I know that in some places, some instant coffee comes with a cup. But not all the major brand has it. I think this feature is useful for people who wants instant coffee to go. Well, sometimes Starbucks can cost a little bit too much when you are trying to save. So, adding a useful feature and target it to the correct niche audience can be an opportunity that you can tap into.

130. Hardcore water purifier / filter

  • Why: I saw a few trucks transporting drinkable water earlier today and I realize, why do we need to transport so much water, while Indonesia is blessed with so much clean water. I believe that what we actually need are a better water management and water treatment plants. However, the water produced by treatment plant is not safe for drinking. Therefore, we need to create a filter or purifier that can turn this treated water into a drinkable water. And I also believe that this problem occurs for many other countries. It’s a huge issue waiting to be solved.

Feel free to leave any comment or if you would like to discuss about the ideas you comment below. I’ll be happy to discuss things with you.

Thoughts About Mindfulness and Happiness

Today I came across the idea of mindfulness from the book that I’m reading and some online articles.  Let me share with you some of my thoughts regarding how mindfulness can relate to a happier life.

Becoming the master of our own mind, isn’t as easy as it seems. Our mind always wanders, without us realizing it. It’s not easy to keep it quiet.

But this becomes an important aspect when we talk about your own happiness. Peter Dunov, a Bulgarian philosopher who is also a spiritual teacher, mentioned :

“Do not look for happiness outside yourself. The awakened seek happiness inside.”

This quote holds some merits. That is, our brain can control our feelings and that includes happiness.

Everyone wants to be happy. Your new watch, new car, new jet, can only give you a short lived happiness, before you get bored and search for another source of happiness. And this will become an endless cycle.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong to have a new car or even new jet. It’s just if you seek to be happy this way. This materialistic behavior will not satisfy your craving for happiness.

I am no expert at this topic but just like you, I am still learning on how to be mindful.

So, what I’m currently doing to be more mindful is that, I try to meditate for 10 minutes a day. I still believe that meditation is the best way to control our subconscious mind. It helps to calm my mind and makes me to be more aware of my thoughts.

Another practice that I do to be the captain of my own happiness, is to be aware of my emotional state. So, every time I begin to feel sad, angry, stress up, or frustrated, I try to be aware of that sensation. As I realize that the emotion is kicking in, I immediately shift my thoughts by having a mental conversation with myself. I take a deep breath (this always do the trick) and start telling myself that things are going to be just fine, or asking myself, why am I so serious? It’s not like it’s the end of the world. If something occurred and it does not meet my expectation. I always say to myself that there will be more opportunities coming and I still will be able to improve the situation.

Therefore, by instilling this positive messages to my brain, it helps me to handle the situation better and I could even change my mood for that day. As the result, I become happier.

Some final words from me:

Always look for positivity in every situation that you are facing. The more often you do the exercise, the easier it is for your brain to find the positivity. As your brain and thoughts become more positive, surely, you will also be happy.

I would love to hear your thoughts regarding mindfulness. Or maybe if you have some tips that you would like to share, please feel free to post it in the comment section below.

It’s time to be happy!


Day 12 – 100 Days of Ideas

Today I came across a great quote from the book that I’m currently reading.

The author refers to B.C.Forbes, the founder of Forbes magazine. The following is the quote:

Your success depends on you.

Your happiness depends on you.

You have to steer your own course.

You have to shape your own fortune.

What I get from this quote is that, at the end of the day, you will be the one deciding your own success or failure. There is no one else to blame. There are only excuses to cover yourself up. So, get up, take action, and show the world what you are made of!

111. Corn farm

  • Why: The government has minimized the import quota for corn in 2017. As the result, the high local demand is not yet met. And I believe that this condition will continue for 3 to 5 years to come. This is because, the local consumption for corn is high and we don’t have enough supply yet to cover everything. This means that there’s a demand that’s not met in the market.

112. Soya bean farm

  • Why: The same with corn, the soya bean market has been a big market for importers. Even though we know that we consume a lot of tahu and tempe, most of the raw materials actually come from different countries. The government is well aware of this and sooner or later, they will try to grow the local production. And that’s where you come in to build a more efficient farms to support the nation’s consumption.

113. Sharing profit with farmers

  • Why: I have been thinking a lot lately about ways to split profit with farmers. It’s a shame that our country, that is blessed with so much natural resources, still has to import a lot of harvest. Optimizing this area and make farming cool again is a huge business opportunity.

114. Exporting clove (cengkeh)

  • Why: Indonesia’s clove was known as one of the best clove in the world. Nowadays, this title is rarely been heard. One reason is because, we seldom have surplus in clove production due to high demand from the cigarette companies. However, this dependency create a strong correlation between clove pricing and the cigarette industry.  As we know, in 2016 the cigarette companies are slowing down, which caused clove pricing to drop to almost half of it’s original pricing. So, why not break this dependency by trying to sell the underpriced clove overseas. The demand may still be high out there and they might be willing to offer better price compared to locally.

115. E-commerce website for crops

  • Why: Most of the time local farmers sell their crops to some middleman, which then sell it to other companies or distributors. But, in order to maximize the farmers profit, they can choose to auction the harvest to several customers. Therefore, this ensures the farmers get the best pricing in the market. This could work very well for crops that have limited supply, such as corn, soya beans, chili, etc.

116. System for farming technology

  • Why: Another option to help optimizing our nation’s growing farming culture, is to help improving the agriculture system. Whether it’s to help making a more efficient crops growing process or maximizing the harvest. Selling or creating this farming system is still a big opportunity to capitalize.

117. New / advance plantation method

  • Why: Forget about the traditional way. There must be the new ways to grow crops more efficiently to get more results. Sharing and selling this new methods of farming can actually make you a fortune.

118. Warehousing / Storage room

  • Why: Storing harvest before selling it can be a challenge. Different crops need different treatment. So, outsourcing this can eliminate the challenge that the farmers/business may face. This will also be great if it’s coupled with insurance that help to put the people who store the harvest, feel safe.

119. Farming insurance

  • Why: The weather is hard to predict and it plays a significant role in deciding whether the harvest is going to be a successful one. As the result, selling an insurance for this process can create a big impact for the farmers and at the same time, you are helping the farmers’ lives.

120. Educational website for farming

  • Why: I have not completed a thorough research on this but there is no website that actually explains the process of planting, maintaining and harvesting all type of crops. It will be great if there’s a “wikipedia” for all these crops. It helps to inspire and educate people who are interested in agricultural industry.

As you may have noticed, I am not an expert in the agriculture industry. But, those are my ideas that you could do more research on and justify whether you can actually build a profitable business out of it.

Feel free to discuss more about this on the comment section. Or if you have better insights than I do and you would like to share it. Please do so at the comment section.

Day 11 – 100 Days of Ideas

Let’s begin…

101. Movie Scheduler

  • Why: I enjoy watching movies but sometimes, I could not remember all the movies that I want to watch and when they are playing in the cinemas. If there’s an app where we could get notifications for all the movies that we want to watch the moment when it releases, wouldn’t it be great? Better of if we could directly make a booking in the cinema that we want.

102. Movie Posters

  • Why: I noticed the other day that most cinema posters are not interactive. Why wouldn’t they make it more interactive such as showing very short clips, or even making the poster moves or interact with the audience? I think it will become more memorable for the audience to anticipate the movies.

103. Customized Make Up

  • Why: Lancome has just released their personalized foundation based on their customers skin tone. I think Lancome has just raised the bar for the cosmetics industry. So, why not making different customized cosmetics? You can start with foundation or lipstick or something simpler.

104. Queue For Me

  • Why: Anybody else hates queueing? Because I do. I hate it so much waiting for a table at restaurants or even queue for the new dessert corner that just open. However, there’s a business in every problem. You can create an app that help people to queue. Basically, there will be someone who will queue for the user and notify the user once his/her turn is reached.

105. Hot Pillow

  • Why: I was told that girls and women during their period usually have a stomach cramp, which can be soothe by placing something warm to cover the cramp section. Therefore, I think creating a pillow that can radiate heat and better if the user can set the temperature would be a good solution to women monthly problem.

106. Photo Editor Assistant

  • Why: I just realized that girls like to send their photo and ask their girl friends opinion before posting it to the social media. Sometimes even ask for help to edit photos. So, what if there’s a professional editor that could help to edit your photo just the way you want it?

107. Private Cinemas

  • Why: Another problem with cinemas is that they are packed with people. You cannot pause the movie when you feel like going to the toilet. And you could not buy more popcorn when you are stuck in the middle of a movie. I think a solution to this is to create a private cinemas. Similar to karaoke room, the cinemas will have rooms with sofas, whereby depending on the room size a limited number of people can fit in.

108. Full Cinemas

  • Why: As you may also aware that every time a movie started with lots of empty seats. You know that the theater is not maximizing its revenue. I have been trying to come with a solution, which could help cinemas to ensure a full house (almost) everytime they run a movie. Is it bundling with snacks? Up sell for second movie? Or put the ticket on sale during last minute? Or creating a platform to re-sell movie tickets when the demand is high for a particular movie. Let me know if you come up with better ideas for this problem.

109. Customized Wedding Ring

  • Why: It’s ring that you will only receive once in a lifetime (for most people, it’s the case). I believe when given the chance to personalized a wedding ring design, most couple will choose to do it. And you can charge for additional price for the customization that took place.

110. Voice News

  • Why: I know that some news website has a video that is automatically played itself once you load the page. However, this is not what I am referring to. This is more like a voice note that read out the news once you choose the headline. I believe it’s useful for people who would like to read the news but has no time to read it.

That’s it for today. If you have any questions or would like to discuss about any of the ideas. Feel free to comment.

Day 10 – 100 Days of Ideas

Another lesson that I learnt from this challenge is that…

Being consistent isn’t as easy as it seems. 

Everyone knows that they need to be consistent in the pursue of their dreams.

But only a few people manage to do it, and those are the people that achieve what they want in their lives.


Let’s go down to business.

91. Moving House

  • Why: This idea is common in more developed countries but not Indonesia. It’s a service that help people to move house. From packing all the items in the house, transport them to the new house and even help to unpacked the items. As people gets busier, this service can prove to be very helpful and in high demand.

92. Self-Inflating Wheel

  • Why: A few days ago, my car got a flat tire. But there was no puncture in the tire, it’s just flat. So, I thought why now came up with a tire that can self-inflate. Basically, you can set  your tire pressure and the sensor will try to keep the same pressure on, by inflating and deflating accordingly. I think it could be a lot of help for everyone. Until your tire is punctured then you need more help. 🙂

93. What-to-wear Assistant

  • Why: To all women and, nowadays, men too, just admit it, you have too many clothes in your wardrobe but you still say there’s no clothes to wear. Is it just me? Because I always get confused when someone mentioned this, knowing that they keep shopping for new clothes. It’s time to make it easier for you guys. So, you guys just need to download the app, take photo of that new clothes or OOTD (Outfit Of The Day), then save it according to the category/theme. In the future, if you don’t know what to wear, you can search/browse your saved photo based on the clothes type or occasion. Hopefully, by now you remember where you kept that piece of dress that you want to wear.

94. Wholesale Website

  • Why: In Jakarta we have a couple traditional market that specializing in wholesaling, such as ITC Mangga Dua, Pasar Pramuka, etc. So, why not working with them as your supplier and sell their products online. You can build your own e-commerce platform. And as a middleman, you could give incentives to the customers in terms of loyalty or discounts. There are many varieties of this idea. I will not mention all of them, but be creative with your approach.

95. Baby’s Product Online Store

  • Why: Being parents are hard enough. Well, at least that’s what I heard from people around me and looking at my own parents. So, let’s help them by taking care of the products that they need, such as milk powder, diapers, etc. The website can be coupled with an app that help the parents to monitor their baby product needs. And they will receive notifications if the products inventory is low. If they are willing to repurchase the product they can easily put an order through or browse at your website to change brand or sizes. The order will be processed and sent to their houses the same day. Work with local store to make your delivery time even faster.

96. Fashion Storage

  • Why: Solving similar problem with idea number 93. People have too many clothes and they do not know what to do with them. Selling or donating your clothes can be a solution. But, sometimes, the emotional attachment that grows with the item become too strong and thus, you choose to keep it. As these items pile up, you will need more space to take care of them. So, what if I am offering you a space to rent out to keep your fashion items “alive”. Someone will store and take care of them for you. And if you need any of the item, you can select it through the app and ask for delivery. Isn’t that awesome?

97. Smart Fridge

  • Why: It must be annoying when you are buying groceries and you end up forget to buy one thing that you didn’t put in your grocery note. So, the idea is that, the fridge would be able to record your purchase behavior and remind you, when you run out of milk or eggs. The fridge software can be synchronized to your favorite e-commerce store, whereby you just need to give the authorization for repurchasing. Isn’t it convenient?

98. Self Cleaning Microwave / Oven

  • Why: I don’t know if you too, but I hate cleaning up. Sometimes when we try to heat up our food it will always leave a smell or footprint at one side of the microwave. So, wouldn’t be way better if the oven has a self cleaning system? You just need to add water to the cleaning compartment and it will wash itself clean. Well, I could not discuss more details but you need to search deeper about this possibility.

99. Smart Wallet

  • Why: Keeping track of your own finance is important. You do not want to overspend and end up with always close to zero bank account every month. This wallet, will help you to track how much cash that you carry, how much money left and how much you spend. It will be linked to your smartphone and notification will come up every time it records your spending. At the end of the month, you will always know how much you have spent.

100. Second Hand Machineries

  • Why: Starting a factory requires a large amount of capital, especially for the machineries required. It’s either you find a cheaper alternative or you get a second hand machines. But, finding the right second hand machine with the right price, can be challenging. So, the idea is to build an e-commerce website, whereby people can trade their second hand machines as well as purchasing a new one.

That’s the 100th idea! Even though it takes a bit longer than 10 days to complete, but I have reached the first 100th.

I hope that these ideas can help to inspire you to find your next venture.

Don’t forget to drop a line or two if you would like to discuss more about the ideas or maybe your next venture. Wishing you heaps of luck!


Day 9 – 100 Days of Ideas

I recently found this quote online and I think it somehow resonates with me.

“Most people quit because they look how far they have to go, not how far they have come.” – Anonymous

Well, if it does resonate with you too, please spread the positivity to someone else.

Okay.. let’s start with today’s ideas.

81. Volunteering Website

  • Why: There are always people looking for volunteering activities, and there are always organizations (profit and non-profit) searching for volunteers. But sometimes, it’s hard to meet the supply and demand. I think it would be great if both sides can meet and apply at one website. Maybe something similar to LinkedIn or maybe synchronize with LinkedIn profile. And then the applicant can just press apply.

82. Housekeeping Service

  • Why: Nowadays it’s getting harder to find a good and loyal house-assistant ( aka pembantu) that can help you to keep the house clean. Therefore, the good news is that the demand is high. This service can be built as a platform and outsourced like Uber or you can build an organization to employ the people. But remember to make it an affordable service.

83. Last Minute Accommodation

  • Why: Hotel room is a perishable product. And if left empty, the value is lost by the end of the day. So, why not help the hotels to maximize their occupancy by selling the unoccupied room in your website. At least you both can still earn revenue from it. There you go, an opportunity to capitalize on this last minute demand.

84. Encyclopedia for Watches

  • Why: Watches have become the “in” thing lately. As a prestige and success symbol, luxury watches have become more popular than ever. So, as this awareness increases it becomes an opportunity. You can build a platform for watches Encyclopedia, whereby people can leave reviews, reserve a product and even purchase the watch online.

85. Car Park on Demand

  • Why: There are many empty and unused lands lying around. Why not turn this empty lands into something productive like carpark. As the government become more concerned with empty unproductive lands and coming up with taxes to reduce it, you can help those people with land bank to turn their land into a productive one. You can create a system to manage the land and carpark, and then split the profit with the land owner. Do not underestimate the revenue that comes from carpark, you might be surprised with the figure.

86. News at Glance

  • Why: As we become more cluttered everyday from different sources of news, it would be nice if we can only read the news that we care about, from the source that we want, and in a summarised form. Isn’t it convenient? There’s your opportunity.

87. Promo Dashboard

  • Why: Who does not love sale or promo? There’s always a chance for people to save money on the things that they need or want. But it’s just hard to find them. Or they always missed it. Well, you can create a platform whereby, people can get notifications if there’s a promotion/sale that takes place from the brands that they care about. Another win-win situation.

88. Biodegradable Food Containers and Utensils

  • Why: In one of the previous idea, I have mentioned about recycled plastic. So, it’s a similar idea. As people become busier, we tend to prefer to get take aways. Whether it’s coffee, food, etc. So, I think in near future, the demand for affordable biodegradable food containers and utensils will be high. So, you can start your research now and start selling. It’s never too late!

89. Shoe Cleaner Machine

  • Why: If there’s a washing machine for clothes, why not create one for shoes? As simple as it sounds, that’s the whole idea. But the execution can be challenging. But hey, success never comes easy. Remember that the more difficult the problem, the bigger the success that you can achieve if you can provide the solution.

90. Social Media Mass Movers

  • Why: I believe that people are now familiar with social media and at least have one social media account. So, why not help those people to make money using this social media. As brand grows attached to this social media platforms, the demand to drive traffic, getting likes and followers become a lot higher. You can create a platform that reward people for the action that they completed per requested by the brand that you work with. It will be more effective if you could segment the people or mass that you work with, so that it become more relevant to the brand. It’s not cheating, it’s another method to execute thing. And there’s no rule saying that it can’t be done.

There you go! Time to get busy!

Leave a review or comment in the comment box at the bottom of the page. I will be happy to discuss the idea further or if you would like to give me an input to the existing idea, feel free to do so too.

Day 8 – 100 Days of Ideas

I guess things are not always as smooth as you want them to be.

It’s part of the journey that we signed up for. Still, I am trying my best to enjoy and learn from it.

Alright, so here is another 10 ideas that I come up with…

71. Online Booking Platform for Ballroom and Exhibition Space

  • Why: We have seen a huge success from platform like, Traveloka, Agoda, etc from helping accommodation providers to sell their rooms. However, I think there’s still an opportunity to be explored for helping hotels and other exhibition centres to sell their function rooms, ballrooms, meeting rooms, exhibition halls and many others.

72. Website for Tender

  • Why: I’m actually inspired by the movie called War Dogs. Long story short, in the movie they have a website which entails all the tenders that are required by the USA government and the companies can bid on the tender. I think this solution has a potential to be explored further. This can simplify companies’ tendering process.

73. Internship Programs

  • Why: Wouldn’t it be more convenient when you can search for the internship program of your dream within one website, instead of maxing out the number of tabs that your browser can open?  As the result, you can help the students who are looking for internship and the companies that are looking for amazing interns.

74.Vendor Review Site

  • Why: Rather than wasting your time doing trial and error to find the right vendor for you. Why now create a website for people to leave review about the vendors that they are working with. The idea is similar to Tripadvisor but this is for vendors.

75. Best Before

  • Why: Think about how much waste the Food & Beverages (F&B) industries have due to expiring products. What if 3 months prior to the product expiry date, we could sell this product to the people that need to use it before the cutoff date. Of course, the product price will be discounted. In order to exploit this opportunity, we could create a website and try selling all those products in discounted price, and connecting it to the bargain hunters who need to use the product before the magical date. As the result, the waste can be minimised and the seller and the bargain hunters also win.

76. Sharing Profit Fishing Fleet

  • Why: Lately, the government has become more supportive in getting the local ship builders to get their fishing ships to be operational at the sea. One solution to this is that, we could get investors to invest in the fleet and work together with the local fishermen to operate the fishing fleet. At the end of the day, the profit can be split among the involved parties.

77. Local Guide on Demand

  • Why: Sometimes the locals now it best.Even though there are lots of review and stories out there about a certain destinations, there’s no one knows it better than the locals themselves. The concept is that, when you arrive at a certain destination and would to have a local guide to show you around, you could search for the right guide in the website / app.

78. Unusual Findings

  • Why: The world is full of unsolved mysteries and sometimes it takes place during our daily lives. In order to discuss and solve the mystery, you can create an online forum website, whereby people can share their mysteries and solve them together.

79. Unusual Products

  • Why: Similar to mysteries, we have countless of new inventions everyday, sometimes, things that we never think could have existed. Basically, it’s a forum slash e-commerce, whereby people can discuss an unusual or unique products and their functions. If there’s someone interested with the product that could connect to the seller right away.

80. Errand Runner

  • Why: I know a few app offer this kind of service like Gojek  and Grab. However, sometimes some errand is more unique than the others. For example, person A has to pick up his laundry and take his dog for a walk before sending a birthday present to his friend. But, he received a sudden call from his client asking for a meeting to discuss a huge project. So, this app, can allow person A to get someone from the app to do all three things for a certain amount of money that person A is willing to pay for.

That’s it! If you would like to discuss the idea further or to comment on them, feel free to write it in the comment section below.