Day 14 – 100 Days of Ideas

Let’s get down to business.

131. Image to e-commerce

  • Why: Wouldn’t it be great if you can just take a photo of something that you would like to purchase and upload it to the search engine, and a few seconds later, you will be informed with the price and which e-commerce store that sells it? And then, you will also be given the pricing comparison as well as the approximate time that you will receive  the items? I think this will make shopping to become way easier. Need a last minute gift? Just take a picture and it’s done.

132. Public speaking trainer

  • Why: To become a leader requires you to have a certain level of communication skill. I believe that more and more people are becoming aware of this, and hence the demand of this training is growing. As long as you can prove the result and the difference it can make to your client, I think people would be interested in your training.

133. Fragile items delivery

  • Why: Yesterday, my brother was planning to send a vase for my mom’s birthday. However, he didn’t do it because the cost of delivering it, is almost the same price as the vase. And it was not a cheap vase too. I believe that this niche market is not yet capitalized. Delivery service provider such as JNE, they charge an expensive price for sending over fragile items. I think if you could provide a more affordable service for this segment, maybe backed by insurance, you could dominate this niche.

134. Flight for family with babies

  • Why: Many people told me that they find it annoying when there’s a crying baby during their flight. So, I think that it’s possible to create flights that’s only for family with babies. This flight should be customized to meet the needs of the family with babies. Such as diaper rooms, free diapers, baby food and even seats for babies.

135. Car spareparts 

  • Why: Earlier today, I saw people carrying car bumpers. Let’s say that you can find a dealer or car rental that can sell you cheap unusable car. I think you can deconstruct the car and take whatever parts that are working (or need small fixing) and sell those parts to people for higher price.

136. Farming consultant

  • Why: As the government is aiming towards self-sufficiency in providing food for the nation, there would be more people investing in the agriculture industry. Therefore, I would see a rise in the demand for farming consultant, especially when there’s a gap between the farmers knowledge and the latest farming technology and techniques.

137. Organic farming

  • Why: There’s a growing trend for organic food in many developed countries. As a blessed country with ample resources, we can try to start cultivating organic food and export it to developed countries.

138. Dry face wash

  • Why: We have dry shampoo in the market. But why don’t we have dry face wash. Having a sensitive skin, I have problem with pimples. The doctor told me to wash my face during the day, but it’s always tough for me since I need to work. So, I think it’s a great idea if there’s a dry face wash, whereby i just need to spray it on my face instead of washing it with water.

139. Mindfulness trainer

  • Why: Avoiding mental burn out is always a challenge for entrepreneurs. One way to fight this is through mindfulness training. I think mindfulness has become quite a buzz word lately. But not everyone really understands it, even practicing it. So as people become more aware about this, I think the demand for this is also increasing.

140. Hourly car rental

  • Why: This may be common in developed countries. For instance, application such as Flexicar in Australia is really helpful during my college life. This hourly car rental allows people to rent cars at spots near their homes, and return it when their done. It was so convenient that I did not need to buy a car. I just rent one whenever and wherever I need one. The rental time can be extended anytime using the app, except when the car is booked by someone else. Read more about how this rental system work here: Flexicar. Certainly the same exact system cannot be applied in Indonesia due to safety issues. But do you think that if you can tweak the system slightly, would it work here?

Let me know your thoughts about those 10 ideas in the comment section below. Interested in knowing more? Feel free to comment below to discuss it further.


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