Day 13 – 100 Days of Ideas

It’s day 13! So, what’s new here?

121. Processed seafood product

  • Why: In Indonesia we are blessed with abundance, even in our sea. However, instead of just exporting the seafood catch, you can value add the product by creating, for example, processed seafood product.

122. Cold storage facilities for rent

  • Why: In order to make such a fancy facilities to be available for the smaller businesses, you can build cold storage facilities and rent it out based on the amount of space used by the renter.

123. Scenery change office

  • Why: Office situation or scenery can highly affect the burnout rate for all the employees. That’s why, if we can change the office wallpaper based on the selected mood or scenery that the employees would like to have. I believe that this will reduce the stress amount of the employees ,which resulted in the increase of productivity.

124. Secondhand furnitures marketplace

  • Why: Selling and buying furnitures should be made easy, especially for house/apartment renters. As renters who rent an unfurnished home, they need to buy furnitures quickly and when they move out, they also need to sell the furnitures quickly. Therefore, there’s a need for a fast moving furnitures marketplace.

125. Perfume for you

  • Why: There are endless list of perfume brand and types out there. Therefore, you can build a website that will help people to choose a perfume type and brand based on the customer’s daily lives and past perfume uses. Sample can also be sent upon request to the users so that it helps them to make his/her purchase decision easier.

126. Subscription based teaching blog

  • Why: Learning is part of life. The demand to sharpen one’s knowledge has become a necessity in order to compete in such a world. Therefore, if you are specializing in something that a lot of people do and need. You can create videos and articles that can help those people to improve their skills. Subscription fee will be charged to the users.

127. On demand blood test

  • Why: The fact that you must visit a hospital or specialized medical check up place (Biomedika, Prodia), to get your blood taken and check, is taking too much time and effort. Therefore, why not simplify the steps for the customers. So, what if, when you want to get a bloodtest you can pay your check up in advance and someone will come to take your blood. The blood test result will then be sent to your email or physical address. I think this will encourage more people to get their blood checked even though they are busy.

128. Dentist truck

  • Why: Everytime you want to see a dentist, you got to visit his/her place and then the dentist will perform a check. What if, instead the dentists will come to you by opening a mobile (truck) posts for those who would like to check their teeth but has no time.

129. Instant coffee to go

  • Why: I know that in some places, some instant coffee comes with a cup. But not all the major brand has it. I think this feature is useful for people who wants instant coffee to go. Well, sometimes Starbucks can cost a little bit too much when you are trying to save. So, adding a useful feature and target it to the correct niche audience can be an opportunity that you can tap into.

130. Hardcore water purifier / filter

  • Why: I saw a few trucks transporting drinkable water earlier today and I realize, why do we need to transport so much water, while Indonesia is blessed with so much clean water. I believe that what we actually need are a better water management and water treatment plants. However, the water produced by treatment plant is not safe for drinking. Therefore, we need to create a filter or purifier that can turn this treated water into a drinkable water. And I also believe that this problem occurs for many other countries. It’s a huge issue waiting to be solved.

Feel free to leave any comment or if you would like to discuss about the ideas you comment below. I’ll be happy to discuss things with you.


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