Day 11 – 100 Days of Ideas

Let’s begin…

101. Movie Scheduler

  • Why: I enjoy watching movies but sometimes, I could not remember all the movies that I want to watch and when they are playing in the cinemas. If there’s an app where we could get notifications for all the movies that we want to watch the moment when it releases, wouldn’t it be great? Better of if we could directly make a booking in the cinema that we want.

102. Movie Posters

  • Why: I noticed the other day that most cinema posters are not interactive. Why wouldn’t they make it more interactive such as showing very short clips, or even making the poster moves or interact with the audience? I think it will become more memorable for the audience to anticipate the movies.

103. Customized Make Up

  • Why: Lancome has just released their personalized foundation based on their customers skin tone. I think Lancome has just raised the bar for the cosmetics industry. So, why not making different customized cosmetics? You can start with foundation or lipstick or something simpler.

104. Queue For Me

  • Why: Anybody else hates queueing? Because I do. I hate it so much waiting for a table at restaurants or even queue for the new dessert corner that just open. However, there’s a business in every problem. You can create an app that help people to queue. Basically, there will be someone who will queue for the user and notify the user once his/her turn is reached.

105. Hot Pillow

  • Why: I was told that girls and women during their period usually have a stomach cramp, which can be soothe by placing something warm to cover the cramp section. Therefore, I think creating a pillow that can radiate heat and better if the user can set the temperature would be a good solution to women monthly problem.

106. Photo Editor Assistant

  • Why: I just realized that girls like to send their photo and ask their girl friends opinion before posting it to the social media. Sometimes even ask for help to edit photos. So, what if there’s a professional editor that could help to edit your photo just the way you want it?

107. Private Cinemas

  • Why: Another problem with cinemas is that they are packed with people. You cannot pause the movie when you feel like going to the toilet. And you could not buy more popcorn when you are stuck in the middle of a movie. I think a solution to this is to create a private cinemas. Similar to karaoke room, the cinemas will have rooms with sofas, whereby depending on the room size a limited number of people can fit in.

108. Full Cinemas

  • Why: As you may also aware that every time a movie started with lots of empty seats. You know that the theater is not maximizing its revenue. I have been trying to come with a solution, which could help cinemas to ensure a full house (almost) everytime they run a movie. Is it bundling with snacks? Up sell for second movie? Or put the ticket on sale during last minute? Or creating a platform to re-sell movie tickets when the demand is high for a particular movie. Let me know if you come up with better ideas for this problem.

109. Customized Wedding Ring

  • Why: It’s ring that you will only receive once in a lifetime (for most people, it’s the case). I believe when given the chance to personalized a wedding ring design, most couple will choose to do it. And you can charge for additional price for the customization that took place.

110. Voice News

  • Why: I know that some news website has a video that is automatically played itself once you load the page. However, this is not what I am referring to. This is more like a voice note that read out the news once you choose the headline. I believe it’s useful for people who would like to read the news but has no time to read it.

That’s it for today. If you have any questions or would like to discuss about any of the ideas. Feel free to comment.


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