Day 10 – 100 Days of Ideas

Another lesson that I learnt from this challenge is that…

Being consistent isn’t as easy as it seems. 

Everyone knows that they need to be consistent in the pursue of their dreams.

But only a few people manage to do it, and those are the people that achieve what they want in their lives.


Let’s go down to business.

91. Moving House

  • Why: This idea is common in more developed countries but not Indonesia. It’s a service that help people to move house. From packing all the items in the house, transport them to the new house and even help to unpacked the items. As people gets busier, this service can prove to be very helpful and in high demand.

92. Self-Inflating Wheel

  • Why: A few days ago, my car got a flat tire. But there was no puncture in the tire, it’s just flat. So, I thought why now came up with a tire that can self-inflate. Basically, you can set  your tire pressure and the sensor will try to keep the same pressure on, by inflating and deflating accordingly. I think it could be a lot of help for everyone. Until your tire is punctured then you need more help. 🙂

93. What-to-wear Assistant

  • Why: To all women and, nowadays, men too, just admit it, you have too many clothes in your wardrobe but you still say there’s no clothes to wear. Is it just me? Because I always get confused when someone mentioned this, knowing that they keep shopping for new clothes. It’s time to make it easier for you guys. So, you guys just need to download the app, take photo of that new clothes or OOTD (Outfit Of The Day), then save it according to the category/theme. In the future, if you don’t know what to wear, you can search/browse your saved photo based on the clothes type or occasion. Hopefully, by now you remember where you kept that piece of dress that you want to wear.

94. Wholesale Website

  • Why: In Jakarta we have a couple traditional market that specializing in wholesaling, such as ITC Mangga Dua, Pasar Pramuka, etc. So, why not working with them as your supplier and sell their products online. You can build your own e-commerce platform. And as a middleman, you could give incentives to the customers in terms of loyalty or discounts. There are many varieties of this idea. I will not mention all of them, but be creative with your approach.

95. Baby’s Product Online Store

  • Why: Being parents are hard enough. Well, at least that’s what I heard from people around me and looking at my own parents. So, let’s help them by taking care of the products that they need, such as milk powder, diapers, etc. The website can be coupled with an app that help the parents to monitor their baby product needs. And they will receive notifications if the products inventory is low. If they are willing to repurchase the product they can easily put an order through or browse at your website to change brand or sizes. The order will be processed and sent to their houses the same day. Work with local store to make your delivery time even faster.

96. Fashion Storage

  • Why: Solving similar problem with idea number 93. People have too many clothes and they do not know what to do with them. Selling or donating your clothes can be a solution. But, sometimes, the emotional attachment that grows with the item become too strong and thus, you choose to keep it. As these items pile up, you will need more space to take care of them. So, what if I am offering you a space to rent out to keep your fashion items “alive”. Someone will store and take care of them for you. And if you need any of the item, you can select it through the app and ask for delivery. Isn’t that awesome?

97. Smart Fridge

  • Why: It must be annoying when you are buying groceries and you end up forget to buy one thing that you didn’t put in your grocery note. So, the idea is that, the fridge would be able to record your purchase behavior and remind you, when you run out of milk or eggs. The fridge software can be synchronized to your favorite e-commerce store, whereby you just need to give the authorization for repurchasing. Isn’t it convenient?

98. Self Cleaning Microwave / Oven

  • Why: I don’t know if you too, but I hate cleaning up. Sometimes when we try to heat up our food it will always leave a smell or footprint at one side of the microwave. So, wouldn’t be way better if the oven has a self cleaning system? You just need to add water to the cleaning compartment and it will wash itself clean. Well, I could not discuss more details but you need to search deeper about this possibility.

99. Smart Wallet

  • Why: Keeping track of your own finance is important. You do not want to overspend and end up with always close to zero bank account every month. This wallet, will help you to track how much cash that you carry, how much money left and how much you spend. It will be linked to your smartphone and notification will come up every time it records your spending. At the end of the month, you will always know how much you have spent.

100. Second Hand Machineries

  • Why: Starting a factory requires a large amount of capital, especially for the machineries required. It’s either you find a cheaper alternative or you get a second hand machines. But, finding the right second hand machine with the right price, can be challenging. So, the idea is to build an e-commerce website, whereby people can trade their second hand machines as well as purchasing a new one.

That’s the 100th idea! Even though it takes a bit longer than 10 days to complete, but I have reached the first 100th.

I hope that these ideas can help to inspire you to find your next venture.

Don’t forget to drop a line or two if you would like to discuss more about the ideas or maybe your next venture. Wishing you heaps of luck!



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