Day 9 – 100 Days of Ideas

I recently found this quote online and I think it somehow resonates with me.

“Most people quit because they look how far they have to go, not how far they have come.” – Anonymous

Well, if it does resonate with you too, please spread the positivity to someone else.

Okay.. let’s start with today’s ideas.

81. Volunteering Website

  • Why: There are always people looking for volunteering activities, and there are always organizations (profit and non-profit) searching for volunteers. But sometimes, it’s hard to meet the supply and demand. I think it would be great if both sides can meet and apply at one website. Maybe something similar to LinkedIn or maybe synchronize with LinkedIn profile. And then the applicant can just press apply.

82. Housekeeping Service

  • Why: Nowadays it’s getting harder to find a good and loyal house-assistant ( aka pembantu) that can help you to keep the house clean. Therefore, the good news is that the demand is high. This service can be built as a platform and outsourced like Uber or you can build an organization to employ the people. But remember to make it an affordable service.

83. Last Minute Accommodation

  • Why: Hotel room is a perishable product. And if left empty, the value is lost by the end of the day. So, why not help the hotels to maximize their occupancy by selling the unoccupied room in your website. At least you both can still earn revenue from it. There you go, an opportunity to capitalize on this last minute demand.

84. Encyclopedia for Watches

  • Why: Watches have become the “in” thing lately. As a prestige and success symbol, luxury watches have become more popular than ever. So, as this awareness increases it becomes an opportunity. You can build a platform for watches Encyclopedia, whereby people can leave reviews, reserve a product and even purchase the watch online.

85. Car Park on Demand

  • Why: There are many empty and unused lands lying around. Why not turn this empty lands into something productive like carpark. As the government become more concerned with empty unproductive lands and coming up with taxes to reduce it, you can help those people with land bank to turn their land into a productive one. You can create a system to manage the land and carpark, and then split the profit with the land owner. Do not underestimate the revenue that comes from carpark, you might be surprised with the figure.

86. News at Glance

  • Why: As we become more cluttered everyday from different sources of news, it would be nice if we can only read the news that we care about, from the source that we want, and in a summarised form. Isn’t it convenient? There’s your opportunity.

87. Promo Dashboard

  • Why: Who does not love sale or promo? There’s always a chance for people to save money on the things that they need or want. But it’s just hard to find them. Or they always missed it. Well, you can create a platform whereby, people can get notifications if there’s a promotion/sale that takes place from the brands that they care about. Another win-win situation.

88. Biodegradable Food Containers and Utensils

  • Why: In one of the previous idea, I have mentioned about recycled plastic. So, it’s a similar idea. As people become busier, we tend to prefer to get take aways. Whether it’s coffee, food, etc. So, I think in near future, the demand for affordable biodegradable food containers and utensils will be high. So, you can start your research now and start selling. It’s never too late!

89. Shoe Cleaner Machine

  • Why: If there’s a washing machine for clothes, why not create one for shoes? As simple as it sounds, that’s the whole idea. But the execution can be challenging. But hey, success never comes easy. Remember that the more difficult the problem, the bigger the success that you can achieve if you can provide the solution.

90. Social Media Mass Movers

  • Why: I believe that people are now familiar with social media and at least have one social media account. So, why not help those people to make money using this social media. As brand grows attached to this social media platforms, the demand to drive traffic, getting likes and followers become a lot higher. You can create a platform that reward people for the action that they completed per requested by the brand that you work with. It will be more effective if you could segment the people or mass that you work with, so that it become more relevant to the brand. It’s not cheating, it’s another method to execute thing. And there’s no rule saying that it can’t be done.

There you go! Time to get busy!

Leave a review or comment in the comment box at the bottom of the page. I will be happy to discuss the idea further or if you would like to give me an input to the existing idea, feel free to do so too.


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