Day 8 – 100 Days of Ideas

I guess things are not always as smooth as you want them to be.

It’s part of the journey that we signed up for. Still, I am trying my best to enjoy and learn from it.

Alright, so here is another 10 ideas that I come up with…

71. Online Booking Platform for Ballroom and Exhibition Space

  • Why: We have seen a huge success from platform like, Traveloka, Agoda, etc from helping accommodation providers to sell their rooms. However, I think there’s still an opportunity to be explored for helping hotels and other exhibition centres to sell their function rooms, ballrooms, meeting rooms, exhibition halls and many others.

72. Website for Tender

  • Why: I’m actually inspired by the movie called War Dogs. Long story short, in the movie they have a website which entails all the tenders that are required by the USA government and the companies can bid on the tender. I think this solution has a potential to be explored further. This can simplify companies’ tendering process.

73. Internship Programs

  • Why: Wouldn’t it be more convenient when you can search for the internship program of your dream within one website, instead of maxing out the number of tabs that your browser can open?  As the result, you can help the students who are looking for internship and the companies that are looking for amazing interns.

74.Vendor Review Site

  • Why: Rather than wasting your time doing trial and error to find the right vendor for you. Why now create a website for people to leave review about the vendors that they are working with. The idea is similar to Tripadvisor but this is for vendors.

75. Best Before

  • Why: Think about how much waste the Food & Beverages (F&B) industries have due to expiring products. What if 3 months prior to the product expiry date, we could sell this product to the people that need to use it before the cutoff date. Of course, the product price will be discounted. In order to exploit this opportunity, we could create a website and try selling all those products in discounted price, and connecting it to the bargain hunters who need to use the product before the magical date. As the result, the waste can be minimised and the seller and the bargain hunters also win.

76. Sharing Profit Fishing Fleet

  • Why: Lately, the government has become more supportive in getting the local ship builders to get their fishing ships to be operational at the sea. One solution to this is that, we could get investors to invest in the fleet and work together with the local fishermen to operate the fishing fleet. At the end of the day, the profit can be split among the involved parties.

77. Local Guide on Demand

  • Why: Sometimes the locals now it best.Even though there are lots of review and stories out there about a certain destinations, there’s no one knows it better than the locals themselves. The concept is that, when you arrive at a certain destination and would to have a local guide to show you around, you could search for the right guide in the website / app.

78. Unusual Findings

  • Why: The world is full of unsolved mysteries and sometimes it takes place during our daily lives. In order to discuss and solve the mystery, you can create an online forum website, whereby people can share their mysteries and solve them together.

79. Unusual Products

  • Why: Similar to mysteries, we have countless of new inventions everyday, sometimes, things that we never think could have existed. Basically, it’s a forum slash e-commerce, whereby people can discuss an unusual or unique products and their functions. If there’s someone interested with the product that could connect to the seller right away.

80. Errand Runner

  • Why: I know a few app offer this kind of service like Gojek  and Grab. However, sometimes some errand is more unique than the others. For example, person A has to pick up his laundry and take his dog for a walk before sending a birthday present to his friend. But, he received a sudden call from his client asking for a meeting to discuss a huge project. So, this app, can allow person A to get someone from the app to do all three things for a certain amount of money that person A is willing to pay for.

That’s it! If you would like to discuss the idea further or to comment on them, feel free to write it in the comment section below.



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