Day 7 – 100 Days of Ideas

61. Influencers review tool

  • Why: As marketers, we know that hiring influencer is expensive and it’s hard to measure the impact of using that particular influencer. So, what if we have a website whereby each of the influencers get reviewed, what are their particular strength and weaknesses and how people rate working with them. This way, it is more fair for businesses since they pay such a large amount of money without having any clear picture, whether they hire the right influencers to sell the right product.

62. Investors’ den

  • Why: In Indonesia alone, the number of investors are growing, and they keep looking for great projects to invest in. So, why not create a place for all these investors to gather. This will make it easier for startup owners to find them. And there’s higher chance for new investors to be reached.

63. Egg Shell Business

  • Why: Most of the time we think that egg shell is a waste. But, apparently, egg shell has a lot of functions. It contains high calcium, which can be used to make calcium powder, calcium pills, teeth mineralising, for tomato plantation, etc. Feel free to explore further as this might be a hidden gem to your new business.

64. Health mirror

  • Why: Sometimes we have no time to check our health in the hospital. So, why not create a mirror (can be made out of a huge screen), that can display your body condition, measuring body shape, calculating weights, and even check your blood pressure, sugar level, etc. This can be sold to health conscious people that have a busy lifestyle.

65. Relationship detective

  • Why: Lately, loyalty has become more and more rare. As entrepreneurs we know that every problem is an opportunity. So, we could offer help, to those who need to clarify their insecurities towards their couple. If you think you have an amazing stalking skill and know what it takes to be a detective. I think this job might suit you.

66. Gravity powered electricity

  • Why: Climate change is REAL. I know you might have different opinion about this but we can have another session to discuss about this. My point is, we do need a renewable source of power and I believe that we can use gravity to generate power. Please do search for “gravity powered electricity” in your search engine to learn more about this. This is a huge business if you can solve the problem.

67. Language headset

  • Why: Language barrier has always been a problem whether it’s in your working life or just day to day life. Our world has become more globalised and we travel around the world more often. So, why not create a headset that can capture what someone is saying and translate that to the language that the user can understand? To date, Siri has been made capable to use 36 languages. Therefore, you can see that the technology is available.

68. Voice translator

  • Why: Similar to idea 67, we can build an app that can translate languages through voice. Let’s say, we have person A and person B who are speaking two different languages but would like to have a conversation. So, person A can start by saying anything while the app is running. The app will then translate what person A has said, and say it out loud through the speaker in the language that person B can understand. Isn’t that convenient? Through this app, two people using different languages can have a direct conversation.

69. Fashion scanner

  • Why: Basically, it’s a tool whereby you can take your body image and change your virtual clothes according to the new photo that you added to the “wardrobe” collection. It will be very useful for online fashion shop, whereby people cannot try out the clothes that they would like to buy.

70.Make up scanner

  • Why: Similar to idea 69, the make up scanner will scan your face in detail, and allow you to play around with virtual make up that you would like to try. Brands can create QR code for their product which can be imported as virtual make up collection. As the result, the user could virtually apply make up from different brands to his/her face before making a purchase.


Those are another 10 of new ideas that you can use to create your new business. Feel free to share your opinion or to discuss the ideas in the comment section below.


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