Day 6 – 100 Days of Ideas

I’ve been quite busy with my job lately.. which means less time to let my mind wanders. But that’s okay. That’s the essence of this challenge.

Keep pushing forward!

Okay… next ideas…

51. Build your own watch

  • Why: Watch has become more of a fashion statement and a personal branding. I know a few online shops offer a customised design watch that you can build using templates that they offer. What if you could offer more flexibility based on the watch design (automatic, chronograph, skeleton, diver, mechanical, etc), straps, shapes (square, oval, etc), colour, and even engraving.

52. Build your own car

  • Why: It might be costly to customise every car design. But, a possibility to mix and match a car exterior, interior and even engine specification could be a fun service and product to offer. This can be made simpler by giving a few templates of car parts that the customer can look at and use. And these template options can grow bigger as the demand increases.

53. Sweet beer

  • Why: Back in Australia, I know a few beer brands that offer beers with low calorie, low alcohol, and sweet flavours. This kind of beer is usually targeted towards female consumers. So far in Indonesia, I only see Radler that do really to capitalise this market. Come on guys, you can do better than that! Calling for all beer lovers, it’s time to put that alcoholic passion to good use.

54. Bazaar finder

  • Why: Street food has become a trend lately. More people in retails such as fashion, food and beverages, and even services, first started their business through bazaar. It’s indeed a cheap way to start your business or just to test your idea. Since there are so many bazaar out there, and new ones keep popping up, I think it’s great if we could have a website or app that could track all those new bazaars and to contact their management.

55. Website developer market

  • Why:  More people and businesses need developer services to build new websites or their crazy ideas. Unless you want to build a team, it’s better to outsource the development stage to trustworthy seasoned developers. Similar to, why not create a marketplace for developers and designers, so that people and businesses could post their project in the marketplace. And then those developers and designers can bid for your customer’s projects. Hence, another win-win situation.

56. Voice email

  • Why: I hate typing emails and I believe, I’m not the only one. Why we do not create a mail service but this one using voice message. Basically it’s a voice mail but cooler. So, the application or service will verify your voice as fraud control measure before accessing your inbox. Upon sending message voice verification will always be active to check if the person is the account owner. The customer can speak or whisper their message and get recorded. It will also be typed out by the voice detector (if you want to). I think this way it’s more efficient to reply to emails. It saves a lot of time. Oh! It can be applied to blogs too.

57. Car AI

  • Why: I believe that those automobile giants are already working for this, but hey, why don’t you come up with the service and sell it to them? Imagine if your car has similar AI like an ironman suit (aka Jarvis). The AI can check your engine conditions, control the car system for you and even linked to your phone apps. Wouldn’t it be awesome?

58. Idea tester

  • Why: There are already a few of these kind of website out there, such as kickstarter and indiegogo. But Indonesia needs to have one. Why? Because every country is a unique country and the only accurate way to test the market is that if you get the people in your target market to try it out. Not the people in the other side of the world. So, come on guys. Before someone capitalise on this.

59. Career (Talent) coaching

  • Why: Choosing a career that you want is a tough process. However, if someone can help you to discover your talent and coach you to be the person that you want to be and achieve all your goals, I think it’s worth it. There are more new jobs than ever before, since the technology has grown rapidly. 10 years ago there’s still no such things as social media influencers. Now you can become one of those and get high pay check for it. So, if you could help people to develop their talent and bring them to success I think there’s a self satisfaction that you can obtain from doing it. Don’t forget this is also a business opportunity that you can look at.

60. Arts Online Marketplace

  • Why: Lately, people start to appreciate arts more and even invest in arts. As people become more educated, their sense of life appreciation become stronger. Therefore, people purchase more arts to decorate their offices and houses. So, this is an opportunity for you to help your potential customers to either sell or rent their art piece to those who appreciate them. Even if your customers are not collectors, but they have spare art pieces that they would like to rent out, this platform can help them to find their clients. This kind of marketplace is easy to monetise too.

Leave a comment to discuss more about the ideas. If you like the ideas like this page and share it to your friend. Who knows you can inspire them and make the world a better place.




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