Day 5 – 100 Days of Ideas

Let’s see what do I have today…

41. Furnitures and Decorations for Rent

  • Why: Look around your office or coffee shop next door. They always use the same furnitures for a long time. Most of the time, the management would like to change it but it’s always the cost that stop them to do so. Let’s say that they could rent a sofa, paintings, TVs, etc, for a fraction of the price. Now they can change their interior without affecting their cashflow. This is even more helpful for cafe or restaurants since customers always want something new and fresh.

42. Demand Testing Service

  • Why: There’s always risks and some level of speculation involved before starting a new business. What if we could help reducing this risk. Most of the time, small and medium businesses do demand testing informally. Let’s say if you could provide this service in an affordable price using the latest technology. This would really help, for instance, an entrepreneur who is planning to open a new bakery store down the road. Personally, I would be willing to pay for this service before investing more money to my new business. This is especially true for retail businesses, whereby location and traffic can really impact the business performance.

43. Card Box Recycling

  • Why: I have seen many people throwing out used card boxes in my office. The problem is that the card boxes are in perfect condition, clean and undamaged. So, why not purchase these card boxes in a low price or barter them, and process those boxes into a new recycled card boxes? After that we can sell it back to those who need it. Notice that I skipped a lot of details here since this is just the raw idea, and you still need to dig deeper if you are serious about turning this into a proper money making machine.

44. Facilities Locator

  • Why: A few days ago I had a flat tire and don’t know where to find somebody to fix it. I guess this is a common problem in Indonesia. Let’s say that you could come up with a facilities locator, which help people to locate the nearest gas station or just a simple “Tambal Ban (literally wheel patching)” store. I think this could be very useful. Apart from that there are many other facilities that you could help people with such as hospitals, specialties stores, tailors, etc.

45. Pet Assistant / Care Taker

  • Why: It’s basically a service that is provided for people who would like to keep a pet, but either too busy to take care of it or doesn’t know how. So, this trained pet assistant will take care of the pet whenever the owner isn’t around or just by helping the owner to carry the dog for a walk. This service could also be combined with veterinarian services, pet supplies store, pet hotels, etc.

46. Pet Hotels

  • Why: Yes. Pet hotels. To pet lovers it is nothing foreign. Basically it’s a service whereby your pet can stay overnight just like a human accommodation, but of course altered for your pet comfort. Usually, pet owners need this service when they are away from home for a long period of time. By long period of time maybe more than three days. The “hotel” owner should pamper the pets by giving them food, shower, and maybe some other benefits like massage or hair treatment. Of course all those additional services could be charged extra.

47. Book Exchange 

  • Why: If you want to be successful at what you do, you got to have a great knowledge about that subject. One way is by reading to learn. But always purchasing a new book can hurt your spending, especially when you’re just starting up. So, for those book lovers (count me in!), let’s create a platform whereby we could exchange books or rent or sell it to others. This way, we could all benefited from the knowledge.

48. Sell the Garage Sale

  • Why: I know a few friends who have so many unused stuff sitting in their warehouse. I think they know that those stuff still have values in them but they are just too lazy or just do not bother. So, why not help them to sell all those unused stuff and get a percentage out of the total revenue made. One party can now has more room in his/her warehouse plus additional cash, another party could have additional cash inflow. So a win-win.

49. Video Summary of Books

  • Why: Sometimes, I wish that I could finish a book while doing some other things. Although audio books exist, sometimes it’s kinda a bit too long to listen to. So, why not create a summary of books in a short video style or audio style, therefore, people like me can still learn the knowledge from the book in a shorter amount of time.

50. Voice Coach

  • Why: It might be something unusual in Indonesia to have a voice coach. But this is a usual thing that people have in America and some other western countries. Voice is really an important asset that people have, especially if you want to become a leader. Your voice tone, pitch and volume will determine whether people could trust you or not or even influencing them. Although it may sound new to you, I think this is an opportunity for you to capture.

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