Day 4 – 100 Days of Ideas

Chinese New Year has just passed. I flew back to my hometown and missed the postings.

No excuses. It’s hard to be consistent. But not impossible.

Well, it’s only day 4 but it’s getting more difficult to get new ideas running.

Maybe this could help to push me to be more creative. That’s the whole point of this challenge.

Alright, so this is another 10 ideas that I came up with:

31. Pick Up Laundry

  • Why: The other day, I saw a few empty laundry stores around the city, so I thought why not create a pick up and delivery service for laundry. This includes picking up from any random location such as car park, offices or somewhere by the street. I think this could make people’s lives easier. You could also offer a priority laundry with extra charge.

32. Bone Powder

  • Why: I heard from my uncle that one ingredient of stock feed is bone powder. Since we have plenty of restaurants wasting hundred kilograms of bones daily. Is there any way that we could utilise those “waste” and turn them into something profitable.

33. Business Partner Speed Dating

  • Why: Based on my own experience, finding a business partner is as tough as choosing a wife. Once you choose one, you have to face a sticky situation before you could choose another. So, getting those who are looking for a business partner in the same room and help them to break the ice, could be a service that you could keep an eye on, especially in Indonesia. It is the era where startups are blooming like never before.

34. Party Planner App

  • Why: Who doesn’t love a great party? But sometimes planning a party and preparing for it could be troublesome. So, why not capitalise on this. Becoming a private party planner could provide a lot of help to those who are too busy or too lazy to plan or someone who is looking for a twist in their party. Let those creative juice flowing!

35. Selling Spare Luggage Allowance

  • Why: I was in the plane a few days ago, and this came up. I did not bring any luggage and had a spare of 20kg. And when I checked in, I saw a few people with many bags and luggages. So, I thought to myself if I could sell my luggage to them, I could make some money. Airlines will hate me for this, but who cares. Of course it sounds dangerous if someone brought illegal stuff and put it under your name. But if we could eliminate this problem, this is another area that you can capitalise on.

36. Collectibles barter or auction site

  • Why: I am not really into collectibles even though I have a few of them myself. Once in a while I enjoy buying them too. So, rather than looking for special edition of your favourite collectibles in general market place, why not create a platform that could accommodate a barter or even auction for collectibles. It has a niche market to begin with.

37. Last Minute Marital Hall for Sale

  • Why: The other day, my friend posted in her social media that one of her friend’s wedding was cancelled last minute. The hall has been paid and now the seller is willing to take a lost on the sale of the reservation. To me it sounds like a very good deal. But I am not ready to get married yet, so I passed on the opportunity. Even though I felt bad for her friend’s. Anyway, I think a marketplace for a discounted last minute marital hall can be a good opportunity too. It helps both party who is looking to buy and to sell.

38. Warehouse to Share

  • Why: Thinking about small businesses, sometimes it’s tough to store all your products in your rented apartment or house. However, getting a warehouse is too big and too expensive. What if I tell you that there is a platform to share a warehouse based on the area that you occupy? I think it’s a good idea since sharing economy is no longer a new stuff.

39. Digital Instruction for Gym Equipment

  • Why: I think chain gym stores will hate me for this. Earlier today, I had a hard time figuring out how to use an equipment in the gym. Although they always put a sticker at the side of every equipment showing how the equipment is supposed to be used. However, the information is hard to follow since it’s just a static image. I think adding a video on how the equipment is used or an app to show how each equipment is used, could really help people like me.

40. Cap Cleaning Service

  • Why: I know one store has opened this service in my area. But I think we still need more of this. Wearing a cap has become cool again. But wearing a sweaty and dirty cap is not cool at all. So, creating an express cap cleaning service in malls or other strategic area could actually provide values for all cap users. And the market is there for you to grab.

I hope you like one of the idea and explore it in more details. If you happened to have thought about this idea before or even had a chance to explore it. Share it with me in the comment section below. I would love to hear your insights. 🙂



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