Day 3 – 100 Days of Ideas

More ideas just came naturally today. From the things that I read, things that I came across and even discussed with my friends.

There’s still so much opportunities out there, that each of us can work on, to build your own business.

So, here you go, 10 ideas for day three:

21. Online Car Auction

  • Why: When you would like to sell your car for the best price. You have to find a few potential buyers, start comparing prices and terms of payment. How about if we could simplify this process and still give the seller the best bid price? At the same time, it’s easier for the buyer to find a good deal for a second hand car.

22. Online House Auction

  • Why: Similar to the concept of idea no. 21. It makes the process of finding potential buyers and sellers much easier. Even better when you can sell your property at the best market price.

23. Gasoline on Demand

  • Why: Rather than going to a gas station, what if we can make the gas station to come to you? This idea has actually been carried out in the US and it’s a controversial one. A lot of safety issues is brought by the Fire Department. Regardless of the problem, using vans to transport and refuel gas anywhere  when the customer needs it, it is actually a strong selling point.  As long as you can come out with the right procedure and safety measures, I think this idea is brilliant.

24. Protein Shake Vending Machine

  • Why: Too lazy to prepare your own protein shake? or you just don’t have the time to do all the preparation by yourself? Selling a pre-made protein shake in the gym can be a lucrative business to have. Sharing profit with the gym is another method that would make the gym that you are working with to listen to your idea.

25. Cheap-eats Detector

  • Why: We all know that Indonesia has a unique culture, whereby there are many stalls or gerobak we call it, open in the evening. This gerobaks sell nasi goreng, satay, all the way to coffee sachet (on the move Starbucks I call it :P) or many other kind of food and beverages. Since the cost of a smart phone has brought down so much that those gerobaks owners can start using smart phones too. Why couldn’t we help their unique business to grow? If there’s an app for those gerobak owner to check in wherever they stop to sell their products, people can track and favourite the gerobak that they like and receive notifications for the gerobak that passes by. I believe this help the gerobak owners to earn more revenue and the buyers can find the gerobak way more convenience.

26. Land Pricing Map

  • Why: A lot of people has a hard time grasping the right price for a piece of land. What if there’s an app like Google Map, that will show the price of the land in every location your area or in the area that you are planning to buy/sell? This will make it easier for the seller and buyer to know the market price. So, you would not miss out on any good deal that approaches you.

27. BYO Bento Box (Not the boring one)

  • Why: Build Your Own (BYO, not bring your own) Bento Box could be a great solution for hectic people who need healthy food on the run. The concept is that the seller need to cook a small size bento box with an edible “box” that is made out of seaweed / prata / canai / buritto or some other kind of wrapping food. Then the customer can select what will be inside of the “bento box”. I think this is a great solution for take away lunch or even dinner rather than eating fast food.

28. Online Relationship Consultant

  • Why: Well, the boat is not always sailing smoothly. Small bumps can be normal to those with experience in a relationship. However, to some others it could be dreadful to the point that he/she doesn’t know how to handle it. And that’s another beginning of an end. Come one, everyone hates being heartbroken. So, why not consult your problem in chatting app style with a professional dating consultant? And not to that friend that may give you either a wrong suggestions or worse, leaked out your secrets? At least you could remain anonymous when you discuss with the consultant. 🙂

29. Emotional Intelligence Tutor

  • Why: Emotional Intelligence or EQ has become more and more relevant in this life. It’s no longer just IQ. In order to be successful, I personally believe that EQ play a greater part compared to IQ. So, why not get a training on this. Things like, delay gratification, anger management, empathy, sympathy, reading situation, and other emotional skills can be trained. If you think you have what it takes to be an EQ trainer, I think you need to seriously consider this profession. (please leave a comment as I am highly interested in this topic :D)

30. Parking Spot App

  • Why: Finding a parking spot is always a pain in the ass. It just takes so much time, especially in the malls, offices and restaurants ( esp. PIK). If only we could see all the empty parking spots, maybe we don’t have to waste so much time driving around, just too find an empty spot.


That’s it another 10 ideas for you to explore further. Leave a comment to discuss about the ideas. Or if you have some cool projects that you would like to share, please feel free to leave it in the comment section.


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