Day 2 – 100 Days of Ideas

So, today’s results:

11. On Call Car Washing Service

  • Why: Finding the right time to wash your car can be a hassle especially if you are working 9 to 5 everyday. Weekend might be too precious to be spent to wait for a long queue to wash your car. So, why not create an app that can request a car washing service in any car park, while the owner shop in the mall, working, or even out for lunch?

12. Fertiliser from Leaves

  • Why: Fallen leaves are free (even if you pay, it shouldn’t be that expensive). There are so many trees in the city garden, parks and by the streets. Many people see the fallen leaves as litters. However, if you could turn this into fertiliser, this could be a business plan to work on.

13. Air Conditioner (AC) Service 

  • Why: Well, many building and offices nowadays have centralised AC installed. You could build a company specialising in AC installation and maintenance.

14. On Call Handyman

  • Why: There’s always stuff that need to be fixed. For people who are living a busy lifestyle, they always want the broken stuff to be fixed quickly. So, you could provide this on call handyman service (even better after working hour) to meet the needs of those people.

15. Condom Vending Machine

  • Why: Looking at Indonesian culture, sex is something that is deemed taboo. So, to some people that would like to have sex, it is too embarrassing to purchase a condom from the brick and mortar shops. So, having the convenience as well as no interaction with human being, can be an advantage to build a condom vending machine.

16. Sober-Up Drink

  • Why: Party is always fun especially if alcohol is involved. However, if you have to take care of that drunk friend(s), it’s always an annoying task. So, if you could come up with a sober-up drink that people can purchase, for example after clubbing. I think it can be the beginning of a good business.

17. Ready to Drink Hangover Cure

  • Why: This hangover cure is the continuation of idea 16. So, in the morning after that drunk friend is awake. He/She must be having a real bad headache. Basically, this drink should be able to ease the pain and comfort his/her tummy. If only this drink is available in any convenience store. (Please don’t make it to taste gross)

18. Automated Hand Washing Machine

  • Why: We have a hand dryer. So, why not an automated hand washing machine? All that you need to do is to put your hand in the machine, the machines clean your hands with water and soap and dry them off. It will be more water efficient, it encourages people to wash their hands, and also save time for the users.

19. Recyclable Plastic Seller

  • Why: Soon tax will be imposed by the government for the usage of non recyclable plastic. And sooner or later, businesses will gradually try to avoid this extra tax to drive cost down. If you have the right channel to sell recyclable plastic to the industries that require them, there you go. There’s money to be made.

20. Make Your Own Juice Bar Vending Machine

  • Why: people are becoming more health conscious and cold press juice become popular lately. However, I think that cold press juice or pre-made juice has lost its freshness. If you could create a vending machine whereby the customer can select fruits and veggies that they want in their juice and straight away blended for them, I think we now have a strong new competitor in the industry. (Let me know if you have it! :D)

There you go, another 10 business ideas to be explored.


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