Day 1 – 100 Days of Ideas

Well, it’s the first day of the challenge. Still feeling excited.

I start to think a lot more on how to turn something into a business.

It’s still a conscious effort to think of business opportunities.

So, the result of Day 1:

  1. Gardening Services
    • Why: as there are more housing development being built, there will be more parks and garden being built too. So, they’ll surely need somebody to take care of this parks and garden. That’s where you come in.
  2. Vendor Consultancy
    • Why: looking for the right vendors for a company has never been easy. Even worse the number of vendors is growing rapidly. It’ll be great if someone could come up with the comparisons based on the company needs.
  3. Carpark Building
    • Why: finding a parking spot during work hours is frustrating and taking too much time. We are still lacking a carpark building in Jakarta, especially around business district.
  4. Personalised Billboard
    • Why: roadside billboard is dying as people move to digital advertising. However, considering the street congestion in Jakarta, we have plenty of time to look at the billboard. But the problem is, it’s hard to target (stay relevant to the audience), using traditional billboard. So, the opportunity is there if you could come up with the solution to fix this problem.
  5. Glow in the Dark Street Signs
    • Why: I think we could save on (a bit of) electricity and make the street brighter if all the street signs will be able to glow in the dark. Maybe slightly brighter when the light shine on it, and slightly softer without any light. At least people notice that there is a sign on the street or by the street.
  6. Online Doctor Reservation
    • Why: this can be very helpful if we could make an online appointment with any doctor in any hospital. Of course, it would not be that simple and more thoughts need to be poured into this idea. But the problem is there to be solved.
  7. Medical Waste Disposal 
    • Why: as the number of hospitals is growing, there will be more medical waste that is required to be disposed properly. If you are familiar with the rules and regulations regarding the disposal procedures, I think this can turn into a lucrative business.
  8. Printing Carton Boxes for Medicine
    • Why: I noticed earlier today that there are many medicines (esp. syrup form), that required carton boxes as their packaging. If you could provide the factory with the printing necessary and the right carton boxes, you could work on this idea and win lots of contract from the factories (assuming that the factories outsource this step).
  9. Marketing Consultancy for Barbershops
    • Why: it’s a shame that most barbershops are not building their customer database even though it’s essential if you want to keep your customers. So, I thought maybe they need someone to work with them on this, and market the business through the right channels. If they could get this right, I think it will be winning edge for that particular barbershop, especially in this fierce battlefield.
  10. Receipt Paper (Re)Seller
    • Why: nowadays, every purchase that you made in any stores, they will print a receipt out for you. Needless to say, this could be a great business to have. Either you make your own receipt paper, or you can become a reseller.

That’s it for day 1.

All of the ideas are not conclusive, and it’s for you to dig deeper about it.

So, have fun!

Leave a comment below to discuss further about any of the ideas.


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