100 Days of Ideas

It’s a new year, a new spirit and a new beginning.


This year, I want it to be a different year. And so I came up with this blog to challenge myself.

Well, let’s begin…


Basically, I am going to challenge myself to write down 10 business ideas a day, in which they reflect opportunities for people like you and me, to make money.

Some of the ideas may be boring, weird or even funny.

But the point is, there are many unexploited opportunities out there, waiting for you to grab and turn into profit.

Since I am based in Jakarta, Indonesia, some of the business ideas may not be applicable to your area. But I guess it will still be useful, after some adjustments to suit your market.

Feel free to join and comment below if you are interested.

Otherwise, wish me luck and let’s have fun! 🙂



2 thoughts on “100 Days of Ideas

  1. This seems like a great idea (no pun intended). I would imagine that, just by pushing yourself to think of something every day, you’re bound to come up with quite a few really awesome ideas.


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